4 Ways to Improve your Blog

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So you may have been told by your SEO agency that you need more content on your site. A blog is the first thing that comes to mind. But Google is on to you. Just creating content for the sake of content will not have much impact. You need to put information out there that is valuable to your readers. Information that grabs their attention, educates them, makblank diary, reading glasses, pictureses them want to pass it on. There are only so many articles you can write on your business. Instead, turn your thinking toward a more customer-centric approach. What do my customers want to read? If you have been apart of the any social network, you know that people love hearing from people just like them. How many times have you gotten an idea or tip from one of your friends on Facebook? Plenty, I bet. And that’s the kind information you need to pass on to your customer.

1. Customer Stories

Take one of your customers that you know has had a good experience with you. Talk about the project you did for them. If you’re in the hardwood flooring business, highlight a customer that loved how you refinished their floors. Talk about the scope of the project, the questions the customer had, the challenges involved, and the results (with plenty of pictures.) Get a quote or two from the customer to make it authentic.

2. Interviews with Influencers in your industry

First of all, what is an influencer? An influencer is someone in your industry that most folks in that industry have heard of and respect. This can be the head of an industry association, the CEO of one of the bigger companies in your niche, influential journalists/bloggers in your industry, or others with clout in your field.

A blog article featuring an influencer can have the ability to be shared, not only by readers, but by the influencer themselves.

3. Authoritative Articles

When you’ve been in business long enough, you consider yourself an expert in whatever field you’re in. But do new visitors to your blog feel the same way? Probably not. We get so much information blasted at us from all directions that we’ve become adept at filtering and determining what we feel is authentic and what is fabricated. The way you can bridge that gap for your readers is to back up your statement through the use of authoritative quotes and information. Say you’re writing a story on why Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is the hottest thing in aesthetic medicine. This may be true, but having quotes and content from a 10-year NIH study showing the positive effects of this treatment lends incredible credence to your story.

4. Repurposed Content

Not all of your blog content has to be original. By curating content from other sources, you can come up with engaging, timely content that people like to read (and may pass on.) Sites such as Buzzfeed and UpWorthy do this extremely effectively. Focus on articles that are have the potential to elicit emotions in your readers. Going back to the hardwood flooring company, perhaps there is a story out there of a child that was getting extremely ill due to mold content in the flooring. Once the new floors were installed, the child went to live a healthier, happier life.

I know that blank page is staring at you. But using these tips might help you get the inertia you need to come up with great content that people will like, share, and ultimately help your SEO efforts.

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