About Us

picture of seoderek.com owner derek hines

SEO Derek is a Portland-based company specializing in SEO. You know SEO, right? That elusive term that’s thrown around when talking about getting your company listed at the top of the search engine results. It might as well be call the “Search for Extra-terrestrial Omnipresence,” since the goal of SEO is to be everywhere at once. That’s what we try to do for you.

We have almost 10 years of experience in SEO, working for a variety of companies from small non-profits to large online retail businesses.  While we can provide other traffic-producing functions, we believe SEO is the starting spot and hub of the internet marketing wheel. We go the extra mile to figure out how your target customers are finding businesses like yours.

We would love the opportunity to talk with you about the ways we can help your company grow and develop more site traffic. Please give us a call at 503-267-3590 or fill out the email form below to learn more.