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MedTrust Capital

MedTrust Capital medical practice financing to doctors, optometrists, dentists and other medical professionals. These are loans to start or expand a practice. MedTrust Capital came to us with the need of ranking better nationally for keyword phrases in their niche. Their site was in good shape and had a good foundation for growth. We went […] screenshot

Waterfront Laser & Wellness

Waterfront Laser & Wellness is a new site and is also in the med-spa, aesthetic medicine field. It’s WordPress based and much of it’s content was from it’s parent company. We had to rework title tags, meta descriptions, and write new content so as to avoid duplication with the existing parent company site.

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Bridgeport Laser and Wellness

Dr. Norcom at Bridgeport Laser & Wellness came to us in 2015 to see what could be done to improve his website’s rankings in the face of stiff competition in the local med-spa market. His competitors were doing all sorts of expensive advertising on TV and radio. While he figured he could go this route, […]