Content Creation

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The fact that you’re on an SEO services website means that you need more traffic to your site. Optimization does that. BUT, we know that just because you lead a horse to water, it doesn’t mean he’ll drink it. We have to convince him to drink it! We do that through writing great content and sound call-to-action narratives.

Oh, and by the way, Google like this too. Why? Because their goal is to provide the most “Relevant” information to its visitors. If visitors stay on your site longer and convert more, this is a way of telling Google that your site is very relevant!

We take the time to learn your business, the sector it’s in, your competitors, and the words and phrases that folks use when they search for you online.

Then we incorporate these words into a story on each page of your site that is compelling, readable, and most of all moves the visitor to take the next step, whether that’s calling or emailing you, or buying products online.

SEO Derek is experienced in writing quality content for all types of industries including medical, construction, advertising, technology and more. No matter what industry you are in, we can help you write successful, quality content.

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