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How to Contact Google

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We all know that Google is the Sauron of the internet world. It sees all and knows all. But when we have questions regarding their products such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, or our Google+ account, how can we communicate with it?

A lot of you may decide to find the answers you’re looking for by perusing the Google forums or other sites. While this can sometimes give you the answer you’re looking for, there are other times when you’ve found yourself searching for hours online for the right answer.

Amazing as it might sound, oftentimes the best way to get questions answered is to just call them. Every time I’ve called Google, I’ve been able to get right through with no waiting time, and I was able to talk with someone that immediately helped solve my issue.

Just today in fact, I was trying to reclaim a Google Analytics account for a client. My Google rep, Farhan, told me the steps to follow to get this done. He then followed up with an email outlining what we had talked about. In this day and age of decreased customer service, I’m impressed that Google is offering this level of support.

Here is a link to contact Google by phone. You’ll notice that this link takes you to Google Adwords support. I hope your experience has been as good as mine.

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