Does Page Load Time Affect SEO? Yes!

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An important factor in rank is Page Speed, also known as Page Load Time. This is the time it takes a page (like your home page) to load. Google has made it clear that sites that load faster, especially on mobile, will rank better than slower loading pages. PageSpeed

But thanks to those wonderful folks at Google, we now have a tool to tell us our page load time. It’s called PageSpeed Insights.

I highly recommend you test the speed of your site. I did this for my own site and one of the big things it recommended was enabling compression. More specifically, they recommended using “Gzip compression.”

Before the compression, I was rated at 51/100 on the PageSpeed Insights test. After using a nifty plugin called W3 Total Cache for WordPress, I was able to get that number up to 73/100. With a few more changes, such as compressing PNG images to JPG format, I’ll be able to increase it even more. Some of the suggestions I won’t be able to do, due to where my site is hosted and my CMS platform.

If you’re not on WordPress, you can still add code to your .htaccess file. Just do a google search for Gzip compression and you’ll find out how to do this.

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