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Dr. Norcom at Bridgeport Laser & Wellness came to us in 2015 to see what could be done to improve his website’s rankings in the face of stiff competition in the local med-spa market. His competitors were doing all sorts of expensive advertising on TV and radio. While he figured he could go this route, he wanted to see what could be done in regard to ranking better for the keywords that he and his competitors were vying for.

Bridgeport SEO Audit

While Bridgeport’s site had a sound platform (WordPress) and had the basic SEO data including title tags, header tags, and meta descriptions, they were not utilizing high value keyword phrases, nor were they targeting longer tail keyword phrases. Additionally, they needed keyword-rich image names and alt tags, as well as schema microdata, and NAP (Name, Address, Phone) in the footer of every page. We then went through the content of each important page and outfitted it with main keywords pertaining to that page. We also structured it with better hierarchy including additional subhead tags. Lastly, we provided more photos and videos to boost time on page.

Once we did the on-site improvements, we turned our attention to the off-site needs. While Bridgeport was listed in a number of directories, some of this information was incorrect and needed correcting. They were also not listed in the big 3 aggregators. One large problem they had was a duplicate Google My Business presence. We worked with Google to combine the listings.

Bridgeport SEO Results

The results of all this work has been to see an increase in ranking of 263 positions over 42 keyword phrases. We’ve gained four number 1 rankings to go along with 7 original #1 positions. We’ve moved up 7 into the top 10 and and 6 into the top 15. We’re hopeful we can break into the top 10 with keywords such asĀ prp therapy portland soon. Below is a sample of one of the keywords, “micro-needling portland,” and its movement to number 1.

micro-needling portland ranking change 1 dec 2015 to 1 jun 2016