SEO Audit

seo audit pageThe first step in the SEO process is to do a review of your site to determine how well it can be seen by the search engines. You can have the most beautiful, highly engaging website, but if no one sees it, it’s pointless to have. Imagine this scenario: you have built the coolest mini-golf course on the planet, complete with waterfalls, hidden passageways, and live gnomes. But it’s hidden behind a dense grove of trees and you’ve got no sign out front to tell people where to turn. How are they going to find you? The short answer is they won’t. And just like those would-be, lost golfers, Google is looking for you, but won’t be able to find your site unless of number of key website factors have been optimized.

In our technical review of your site, we’ll analyze a number of factors including:

  • Site Crawling – Is your site being indexed by Google?
  • Site Speed – Does your site load quickly? (a high ranking factor)
  • Mobile-Friendliness (Responsive Design) – Does your site render correctly on cell phones and tablets?
  • Site Structure – Do you have good site hierarchy? Do you use Structured Data?
  • Duplicate Content – Confuses Google (bad idea)
  • Take the Next Step: If you would like us to do a free, no obligation review of your site, contact us.