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WordPress: The Best Website Platform for SEO

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If you own a local business and are struggling to get your site ranked, you may want to look at changing your site platform, otherwise known as a CMS (Content Management System.) Many companies I speak to have a very basic html site that was made 15 years ago by someone they know. The web developer most likely didn’t take into account any principles of SEO or correct site architecture. So the site languishes on the 9th page of the SERPs. This situation can most likely be rectified in a straightforward manner, simply because it’s easy to access all the files and content that need to be modified.

The more difficult situation occurs when the client uses GoDaddy’s Website Builder. While this platform makes it ultra-simple to develop a site, it also makes it nearly impossible to optimize for the search engines. This is because there is no way to get to the files that make up the site. No FTP, no cpanel, nothing. It makes for a very secure site that can’t be hacked. But it really limits your ability to rank well.

Most of you have heard of WordPress. You may think that this is a blogging platform. It’s grown to be a platform used by over 23% of all the world’s websites. It’s easy to use, easy to customize and with so many users there is a ton of information on how to do things for your site. Here is a good article on what makes WordPress the best site for SEO.

For more information, read this article from Search Engine Journal.

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